Politics just makes me feel angry now – do you feel the same?

James has had enough of all the hot air coming from parliament - and says even speaker John Bercow,

James has had enough of all the hot air coming from parliament - and says even speaker John Bercow, who has announced he will step down from his role when the current parliament comes to an end, seems to have had enough too - Credit: PA

James Marston can't be the only one who is getting sick and tired of British politics. Here he tries to make sense of all the nonsense

I've been a bit glued to the news all week.

I don't know about you but secure in the knowledge that I should be doing the interviewing or even be prime minister I've found myself shouting at the television on more than one occasion.

I read in the newspaper once that James Knows Best so it must be true - if only they would listen to me.

Indeed, our national politics seem to be a little confused at the moment. The speaker's even calling it a day - not that I think much of him, there I've said it.

I barely can keep up but I suspect at the end of it when the showdown is over and the merry go round stops the rich will get richer and the poor poorer - that's usually what happens.

Yet this time I have to admit I'm not much impressed with our parliament. I happen to think our constitution is working well, admittedly unusual things are happening, but the rules are being adhered to. The Queen is, as ever, rising above it all. The legislature, is, quite rightly, keen not to get involved.

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It is simply, it seems to me, that the MPs have made this collective mess.

And I'm pretty angry.

Angry that a parliament that refused a deal is thwarting any attempt to get another one, angry that parliament is unable to see beyond the next 24 hours and the consequences of its actions, angry that party politics have made us the laughing stock of the western world, angry that so-called no deal (itself a complete misnomer) is something our great country of 70 million can seem to prepare properly for, angry that I'm angry at one of the greatest institutions of the democratic world - it shouldn't be this way. It has made me, for the first time, ashamed to be British, and I'm even ashamed to say it.

I'd like to respect our political class, I'd like to think they have our interests at heart, instead they have their own, and I'd like to be proud of our political system and the figures in it.

Perhaps we get the politicians we deserve but do we really deserve this lot?

I don't think democracy is under threat, I don't think there's any real crisis, or even that no deal will be a catastrophe, or that Theresa May's deal will break up the Union, or that being closely aligned to the EU is a bad thing, I'm not even totally convinced of this awful narrative of social division; just because people say these things time and time again doesn't mean they are true. The accepted narrative rarely is totally accurate.

What does concern me is the shouting and stamping of feet, the indecision, vacillation and the sheer incompetence of our political class. The other day I actually saw one of them reclining on the front bench - what contempt they must hold us in.

The longer they dilly dally, the lot of them, the more the French - who are our among our biggest economic rivals and stand to gain most from Brexit, especially in terms of the balance of power in the EU - and Nigel Farage will be rubbing his hands together in unadulterated glee. And I have little sympathy left for the MPs to be honest.

The big traditional parties are missing the point and seem unable to look at the wider picture of what is going on. I'm losing faith in the lot of them and I'm not alone.

In the meantime I'll keep shouting at the television and carrying on as normal - at least we British can be proud of doing that.

Do you agree with James? Are out politicians missing the bigger picture? What do you think? Write to James at james.marston@archant.co.uk