Pears: Asian Pear is reliable in the UK


I have grown two Asian pear trees from seed. They are now about ten-11 inches tall can you tell me how to grow them on? (Mr E F Scarfe, Well Head, Halifax)


The Asian Pear, Pyrus pyrifolia 'Nijisseiki' (sometimes known as Nashi Pears) are virtually unknown in the UK. I understand they are just as reliable as conventional pears if not more so. A very worthwhile subject that is easy to grow the garden and is generally disease free.

Asian pears are self-sterile and require a pollinator (another Asian pear or normal pear).

As with other fruit trees they are normally grafted to control their size, however, they do respond well to pruning.

The fruit are harvested in autumn and obtain their distinct flavour while being stored.

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They are recommended by the RHS to be an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees and other insects.

•This article was first published on September 17, 2011.