Opinion: Fifty signs you might be in your sixty-somethings...

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© Apple Corps Ltd 2009/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Here's fifty things you thought you'd forgotten.

My list – in absolutely no particular order - is very much taken from my formative years as a kid in the 50s, a teenager in the 60s and a bloke who rarely knew what he was doing in the early 70s.

Feel free to make your own compendium of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly that span your milestones.

By the way - if you're under 50, best look away now, because most of it, you won't understand.

1. Beer cans you had to open with a funny triangular tin opener thingy

2. Number 6 cigarettes

3. Sweet cigarettes

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4. All the lyrics to the Beatles' I Am A Walrus

5. Arkle versus Mill House

6. Raymond Francis as Supt Lockhart in No Hiding Place

7. Chopper Harris, Norman Hunter, Dave Mackay – when football was football

8. Penny chews

9. Saturday morning pictures

10. Black and white films you took to Boots to get developed

11. Watney's Starlight and Party Fours

12. Ford Cortinas and Ford Corsairs

13. Just William books

14. The Daily Herald

15. White dog poo

16. The Test Card

17. Two-way Family Favourites followed by The Clitheroe Kid on Sunday mornings on the Light Programme

18. Tinned pears with evaporated milk on Sunday afternoons

19. Sunlight soap

20. Barry Bucknell and Percy Thrower

21. Cassius Clay versus Sonny Liston

22. Fish paste sandwiches

23. Coventry Cathedral opening

24. The Avon Lady

25. The Tally Man

26. Learning your twelve times table

27. Take Your Pick, Double Your Money and Criss Cross Quiz

28. Mustard poultices when you were poorly

29. Balaclavas

30. Knitted swimming trunks

31. The smell of mothballs, Johnson's Wax Polish and Brasso

32. Ha'penny's worth of scraps at the chip shop

33. Ringing your local bank and talking to a real human being

34. When a banker's word was his bond

35. Realising the injustice of the Vietnam War

36. China cabinets filled with Great Yarmouth holiday knick-knacks

37. Kenneth Wolstenholme, Peter Dimmock and David (One-nil) Coleman

38. When WH Smith was WH Smith and Son

39. Crocheted blankets over the back of armchairs

40. When we knew the names of union leaders – Vic Feather, Hugh Scanlon, Len Murray

41. When you had to wire a plug

42. Using the street corner phone box to make a call

43. Listening to LPs and 45s on your Dansette record player

44. The start of Anglia TV - Silver Knights, weatherman Michael Hunt

45. Crackerjack and Cabbages

46. Winklepicker shoes

47. Ready Reckoner books

48. Vespa Sportique scooters

49. Vesta Chow Mein

50. Raising an eyebrow when you grandparents didn't grasp new fangled technology – and realising that's you now