Norwich South MP Clive Lewis was right to step down from the shadow cabinet

Norwich South MP Clive Lewis.

Norwich South MP Clive Lewis. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Clive Lewis' resignation from the shadow cabinet because he voted against the Brexit bill was exactly the right thing to do, and to be fair I should imagine Jeremy Corbyn would appreciate this determination to put his constituency first.

He would realise that much soul searching would have gone into MP's decisions and it is a shame that the Conservative 'Remainers' could not display the same willingness not to shift lemming-like to the edge of the Brexit cliff, although I would imagine that would have forfeited all 'privileges' if they had had the guts and moral fibre to do this.

I feel sorry too for Gina Miller who made this debate possible by her spirited and committed stand that Parliament should have its time in the sun to debate this very complex and divisive subject.

The fact that it was overwhelmingly approved without any amendments was a travesty and a very sad day for Parliament.

I so admire the MPs of all parties who voted against because it showed a great strength of character and to go against the crowd is definitely not an easy thing to do.

It will be interesting to see how the Lords carry out their debate but I would imagine, even with their tradition of rightly scuttling the Commons, will vote for it.

Lately I have heard so much that this is democracy and the 'Remainers' like myself lost and should have the good grace to accept the decision. But I am struggling with this, because many 'Leavers' I would imagine did not want a hard Brexit, which is autocratically being carried out in their name.

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That infamous binary vote had about much nuance as a sledge hammer and allowed no room for manoeuvre.

This is fast turning into a divisive and uncompassionate country where it has been revealed that we have taken just 350 lone child refugees instead of the 3,000 according to the Dubs Amendment.

This is scandalous for a still wealthy country not to step up to the plate and adhere to what was promised. We have seemingly closed the door on these children and the EU. Makes you wonder if there that will that many open doors left for us.

Judith A Daniels, Winifred Road, Cobholm.