Reader Letter: Norwich cattle market is vital to this county

Norwich Cattle Market. Photo: Natasha Lyster

Norwich Cattle Market. Photo: Natasha Lyster - Credit: © Eastern Counties Newspapers

It is absolutely shameful that the council has allowed the sale of the site off Hall Road including Norwich cattle market.

This area of Norfolk and Norwich being the centre; is prime farming country. There used to be hundreds of years ago some of the largest sheep sales in the east of England held around the village of Cawston. Times have moved on but Norwich is surrounded by both dairy, beef and sheep and also arable farmers. The location of Norwich's cattle market is of the upmost importance to them. It is a place where business can be discussed over the stock to be sold and bought and also a great social get together for young and old alike. The next nearest operating cattle market I believe; is Colchester. That is totally unviable for small producers, allowing for the costs of diesel and the very tight sale price per head of stock on the day. The original cattle market, in front of the old Eastern Daily Press building was excavated to make way for the Castle Mall shopping centre. The earth that was removed was then deposited to make the foundations of the dual carriageway that now bypasses Hethersett and Wymondham. Norwich is the central hub of this wonderful county with farming all around this hub. It is imperative we maintain an active and thriving cattle market, for the benefit of this county, its farmers and the next generation of farmers who study at Easton. And also for the consumers; as we all care so much about the high the standards for well raised cattle, sheep and pigs. A cattle market is also important for our local agricultural college, Easton.

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