Nigel goes distance for roadworthy cause

Jon Welch meets Nigel Ford who had developed a fascination with milestones and whose mission is to make sure that they don't become a lost part of our transport history.

Nigel Ford is a man with a mission; a mission that frequently sees him crouched down on roadside verges with a bucket of water, a scrubbing brush and a pot of paint.

He has been known to spend hours at a time there, working patiently as traffic speeds past just a few feet away from him. It's lonely work, out in the elements, and he doesn't get paid a penny for it.

He couldn't be happier, though. For Nigel, discovering and restoring old milestones is a labour of love and an interest he has spent much of his spare time pursuing over the past year-and-a-half.

Nigel joined the Milestone Society after his interest was sparked when he saw a milestone at Bawburgh, near Norwich, that had been damaged by a flail cutter.

He has now restored 26 – but with 360 milestones in Norfolk it's certainly not the end of the road.

To find out more about Nigel's one-man mission read the full story in EDP Sunday – part of tomorrow's EDP Saturday package.