Marie Curie recipes: Nanny Bush’s Trifle

Nanny Bush's Trifle by Richard Bainbridge

Nanny Bush's Trifle by Richard Bainbridge - Credit: Archant

This week viewers of TV's Great British Menu have been hooked as Norfolk chef Richard Bainbridge has cooked his way through the final heat. At the same time, Richard has been sharing his retro recipes to support Marie Curie's new fundraiser, Dinner Down Memory Lane with Weekend readers. Today Richard, chef proprietor of Benedicts restaurant in Norwich, shares more of his tasty recipes to inspire unforgettable dinner parties.

Now Nanny Bush was the matriarch of our family, from the service trolley of giggles to this trifle.

She was a quiet and soft-spoken women who to me resembled the Queen in so many ways. A Norwich girl through and through, she loved to entertain and be seen entertaining, working as a Lyons nippy girl before the war to a Norwich Union luncheon lady until her retirement. She was the one

who taught me about good food and how it makes people happy, a true inspiration to my sister

and me. As you have seen this week on BBC 2's Great British Menu, I would be nothing without

the great powerful women in my life who inspire me every day from Nanny Bush, Mama Jill, Sister

B and Katja to the epic Holly Hilda who I now do everything for to make her proud. This is for you

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Nanny who is greatly missed everyday and happy birthday for today as it would have been your 94th

birthday! I will be sure to raise a glass of sherry and have a slice of trifle at five o'clock for you! Love,


Strawberry jelly

500g fresh strawberries

250g vanilla stock syrup

5 gelatine leaves

Place all into a bowl, cling film and place over a pan of boiling water for 30-40 mins.

Strain through muslin, place into a pan, bring to the simmer and whisk in the gelatine, place into

a bowl over ice and allow to lightly set, then when just at setting point slowly pour over the sponge and raspberries about half way up.


250g plain flour

8 medium whole eggs

250g caster sugar

60g melted butter

Pre heat oven 190C

Place eggs and sugar into a bowl and whisk for about 12 minutes or until it has doubled in

size and leaves a thick ribbon trail. Lightly shower in the flour and delicately fold in with a plastic

spatula. Add the melted butter.

Pour on to a tray big enough to hold the moulds and spread sponge mix out over the whole tray.

Bake off for 8-10 minutes. When cooked remove from oven and turn out onto a cooking rack and

place a cloth on top. Allow to cool.


500g double cream

60g caster sugar

100g egg yolks

Bristol Cream 100ml (as much as you want)

5 gelatine leaves

Bring cream to the boil, whisk sugar and egg yolks together until light and creamy, pour over the hot

cream, whisk together and pour back into the pan and cook and thicken. Pass through a sieve, place

into a clean pan and whisk in the gelatine. Pour into a bowl and place over ice until nearly set. At

this point slowly pour over your already set jelly. Fill to the top of the mould, place in the fridge and

allow to set.

1 punnet of raspberries

250ml of whipping cream which has been semi whipped, then place into a piping bag ready to pipe

on top.


In a square cake mould lay a thin slice of the sponge on the bottom and stand the raspberries

up nearly all over the sponge. Then next the jelly, so as the jelly starts to cool and thicken, place your

trifle mould into the fridge and begin to slowly pour your strawberry jelly into the mould to about half

way up. Now shut the fridge and allow to set! Ideally at this point you can start to make the custard.

Once the custard is made and starting to cool and thicken like the jelly did, you are ready for the

next level. Slowly pour the custard over the jelly to the top of your mould and allow to set. Once set,

ideally over night, remove from the mould and and slice into portions as thick as you want. Then

pipe the cream on top and garnish with hundreds and thousands, and mint.

Let the trifle come to around room temperature before serving about, 10-20 minutes. Then sit back and enjoy the best trifle you have ever made.

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