LETTERS: ‘Don’t spoil our beautiful beaches with used nappies and litter’

Holidaymakers and families enjoying Gorleston beach . Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Holidaymakers and families enjoying Gorleston beach . Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2018

On Monday, July 1, my husband and I took two of our grandchildren to Gorleston beach. It had been a very hot weekend and the beach had been very busy.

This was the children's first visit this year and my grandson was so excited to be able to play with his diggers in the sand.

We chose to sit near the break water as it was a windy morning.

After settling the children we sat talking about how Gorleston seafront hadn't changed much since our childhood, when my husband noticed discarded, used nappies left lying on the beach along with rubbish.

Please, please would beach users put their nappies and rubbish in bins provided as they leave the beach to go home.

After all, if dog owners allowed their dogs to foul either on the beach or seafront, they would incur a harsh fine (quite rightly).

Both my grandchildren had to be changed while we were there and I put nappies, wipes and all rubbish in a carrier bag along with the nappies etc left on the beach which my husband kindly cleared up, even though it was not his responsibility.

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We have a lovely beach and surroundings. Please don't spoil it, clear up after you have enjoyed your day.

This planet is in a great deal of trouble all because of us humans.

The rubbish is harming wildlife, both land and sea.

Come on, take responsibility and clear up before it's way too late, if it isn't already.

S Burgess

Gorse Close