Let's keep the good times rolling

Kozza Smith, King's Lynn StarsI haven't seen the money yet but it's been a good week! I think over the three meetings I scored 29 paid two or something like that - not that I'm counting.Kozza Smith, King's Lynn Stars

I haven't seen the money yet but it's been a good week! I think over the three meetings I scored 29 paid two or something like that - not that I'm counting! I just made a couple of gates, made a few changes to the bikes and I feel a lot more confident on them now.

I wanted to take a while to get back in the groove after all the injuries and now I hope we can keep it rolling. To score well at Edinburgh and Berwick is even more pleasing because they are probably not two of my most favourite tracks. Last year I got two from seven rides at Edinburgh so to get 11 from five is a big improvement. To win two meetings with only half a team and a couple of guests was more than we could have hoped for.

You just never know how it will pan out but the four guests did superbly and helped us along the way. Dicko got paid 8, Lemo and William Lawson double figures and even Grajczonek got seven or eight. You could not ask any more.

I don't think there has been a sweeter victory than the one at Edinburgh and I was happy with my score - I guess it put a few people in their place!

I think we had three or four maximums in the first few races and not too many will have done that to them on their own patch. In the first race Fisher was trying for something into the first corner and it didn't pay off. I sort of knew what was going to happen and cut back inside him and he went straight past. I don't know whether he was trying to take me a bit wide or what but that was a good start.

Now we're back up there at the weekend against Glasgow. Honestly, I could drive up there with my eyes closed! You don't mind when its spread out but to have all those northern tracks in one month and come home every Wednesday for a home match is tough and a little bit of a pain - but there is nothing we can do about it. You just get used to the travel and do it - at least now after Sunday it will be over and done with. Although we've got Newcastle at the start of next month so maybe not!

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I said to Mike Bennett after Wednesday if we look at the lead we've got going up to Glasgow then its easier to take your foot off the gas and relax but, for me, I'm going at it that it's another meeting and we don't have a lead at all. We go to win and if we do that then we'll be alright - rather than saying we've got a lead and we might drop off and not try as hard and things don't quite happen.

We're back at full strength now which really helps - although we had a bit of a joke with Hainesy to say he might be in danger of losing his job! It's also one less ride for me but to have a full team is great and we can get the team spirit going again, laughing and joking.

I think this team has a potential to win trophies. A lot of people were writing us off at the beginning of the year and of course we had a bit of a slow start when we got beat at Newport in one of first matches but you have to give it time to settle in. I was back from a bad injury, Tom was back after a big injury towards the end of last season and Casper had a season out. Now we're all back on the bike and confident again. I think in the end we can win some trophies but we'll take it each week as it comes.

Someone asked me this week did I see the letter the Speedway Star magazine about the powersliding courses we lay on at the Norfolk Arena. I did. We do our best and it's good that people do appreciate it. Sometimes you're not quite sure what people think, even though they all come up and say they enjoy it, but you don't know really if they did or not.

To have that write up is good for us and the club because it shows that we are trying to do something else for the sport and give the crowd a chance to have a go. It's a different ball game for me - sometimes people haven't even rode a motorbike, maybe a push bike, and they want a go on a speedway bike - but we usually manage to get everyone sliding by the end. It's good fun.