‘King opens the Empire Exhibition’ - What was making the news on this day in 1924

On this day: EN 23 April 1924

On this day: EN 23 April 1924 - Credit: Archant

We look back on what was making the news on this day in Norfolk. Today, we look at the Eastern Evening News front page of April 23, 1924.

Arrival of the Royal Party

The Prince Hardly recognised

The Prince of Wales in his capacity as President of the Exhibition, drove to Wembley slightly In advance of the time fixed for the arrival of the King and Queen. His Royal High-ness motored rapidly to the Exhibitien grounds and was not generally rocongised by the crowds of people who were to be found on the road, as indeed on all the made giving access to the Exhibition. Those who did rocongise the Prince cheered him lustily.. His Royal High-ness passed into the Exhibition grounds punctually at pro-gramma thue—I1.15.

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The King and Queen motored up from Windsor to a point in tho Barrow Road not far from the Exhibition, changed there into a State carriage, and with an escort proceeded to the Exhibition grounds, halting at Wembley Green to accept an address of welcome from the local authority. The pause here was a very slight one. His Majesty simply accepted the addreses and branded a reply.

The Journey In the Exhibition grounds was then resumed, the cavalcade arriving at The most enthusiastic and loyal of welcomes was extended to their Majesties both outeide the grounds and on their arrival within the enclosure.