Reader Letter: Hunt should be under pressure

Jeremy Hunt at the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. Credit NSFT

Jeremy Hunt at the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. Credit NSFT - Credit: NSFT

Jeremy Hunt has recently described this winter as the worst ever for the NHS.

I was absolutely furious when I read that in an interview with ITV News he refused to apologise to under pressure NHS staff adding 'When they signed up to go into medicine, they knew there would be pressurised moments.' Firstly, the staff have not been subject to a pressurised 'moments', it has been sustained pressure over a long period of time which became even worse than normal over this winter.

The vast majority of NHS front line staff, nurses, carers and ancillary staff receive a vastly lower income than Jeremy Hunt so perhaps now is the time for the NHS staff and the general public to put sustained pressure on the Health and Social Care Secretary. Most front line NHS staff have no direct control over the running and funding of the NHS – he does.

We will not need to apologise for applying pressure on him as to use his own terminology, when he signed up to be a politician, he knew there would be pressurised moments.

Let us give him a taste of his own medicine! It appeared that Teresa May was unable to remove him from the cabinet, perhaps we can be more successful. Let us put the pressure on him before we lose even more of our wonderful nurses etc.

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