I’m as happy for Mrs Matthews as she would be for my wedding

Pippa Middleton married James Matthews at St Marks Church, Englefield, Berkshire.
Prince George an

Pippa Middleton married James Matthews at St Marks Church, Englefield, Berkshire. Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended the bride. Picture: Arthur Edwards - Credit: PA

I was talking to my friend in New York on Saturday morning. And then it struck me. I was talking to my friend in New York and it was Saturday morning!

New York is five hours behind us, so for her to be up at that hour, then something spectacular must be going on.

I should have known, of course.

My friend works for a New York publication and was therefore required to take a great interest in the wedding of the sister of a Duchess and a hedge fund manager.

'Everyone here is going wild for it,' she said. 'And where the hell is Meghan Markle?'

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Hell is a very bad word in America – I have heard newsreaders apologising for its use, even in the context of 'Hell, yeah!' which always struck me as a little over zealous – but this wedding is clearly serious stuff.

People here seemed mildly interested in it as well.

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I'm not sure why we have this fascination for sitting around gawping at the rich.

Do they sit and gawp at us?

Why would they?

Yet, the television and newspaper media around the world were clamouring for photographs of people who can spend a reported million pounds on a one-day event in an era of foodbanks and child refugees and probably not even realise how revolting to some of us that is. What is Pippa Middleton anyway apart from a book about parties and a shapely bottom? But that's what it takes these days.

Still, at least Pippa is known for her own things, rather than for the man she is married to.

James Matthews very definitely became Mr Middleton on Saturday, a small feminist victory I shall celebrate briefly on Pippa's behalf, just in case she missed it.

She is also the embodiment of sisterhood, which must be in her favour.

My friend in New York meanwhile will have been relieved that Meghan Markle did turn up in the end, quietly attending the reception on the arm of her handsome beau, Prince Harry.

(What am I doing here? I clearly missed my calling as a royal reporter). Anyhow, my friend's publication got their story, I saw, something about Pippa 'stunning' in a 'classic gown'.

My, do we journalists know what's important in life?

Hell, yeah!

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