Buying guide: How to choose the best rise and recline furniture

 The Georgia lift and rise chair, available from Aldiss

The Georgia lift and rise chair, available from Aldiss, uses a dual motor to help the user sit down and stand up with ease - Credit: Aldiss

Rise and recline chairs and adjustable beds can help to make everyday movements more comfortable, aid relaxation and improve your quality of life. 

Buying mobility furniture is an investment in your health and wellbeing, which is why it’s important to choose a product that is right for you. Victoria Jackson, furniture buying director at Norfolk department store Aldiss, answers some of your most commonly asked questions about rise and recline furniture to help you make the best choice.  

Q: Who can benefit from rise and recline chairs and adjustable beds?  

The Celebrity Woburn is a best seller at Aldiss, featuring a deep buttoned back, supportive seat and scroll arms 

The Celebrity Woburn is a best seller at Aldiss, featuring a deep buttoned back, supportive seat and scroll arms - Credit: Martin Brown/Infiniti Photography

A: Although rise and recline furniture is more commonly associated with the older demographic, it can be beneficial for those who suffer from mobility issues or need assistance at any age. For example, it might be that you struggle to get into a sitting position because of arthritis, or you have circulation problems and need to have your feet raised for a period of time.

Many people also have a temporary need for a rise and recline chair (also called a lift and tilt or lift and rise chair) or an adjustable mattress when coming out of hospital or recovering from an illness. 

Q: How does rise and recline furniture work?

A: There are different types of rise and recline furniture suited to various needs and preferences. Most lift and rise chairs are available with a single motor or dual motor, which allows you to control the back and footrest functions independently with a handset. There’s also a lifting feature that helps you get into a standing position with ease. 

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An adjustable bed works in a similar way – with the touch of the button you can change the position of your head, hips or legs while lying down, or lift yourself into a sitting position. These can come in single, double or king sizes and the larger sizes have a handset on either side so each person can adjust their side separately.

Q: What is the best rise and recline chair? 

A: The best sellers at Aldiss are the Celebrity tilt and lift chair range, which have been made with medical-grade foam seating to ease aches and pains and promote healing. The Celebrity Woburn features a deep buttoned back, supportive seat and stylish scroll arms with a variety of sizes to choose from. The Celebrity Westbury is designed for extra comfort with a waterfall back and choice of practical wood ‘grab’ handles. 

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Other popular and affordable options include the Georgia lift and rise chair, and the Lincoln lift and rise chair, available in petite and standard sizes.  

Q: What is the best adjustable bed?  

The Mouton adjustable bed with built-in storage and massage function, available at Aldiss

With the Moulton adjustable bed, you can change the position of your head, hips or legs while lying down, or lift yourself into a sitting position - Credit: Aldiss

A: The Tempur Moulton and Ardennes adjustable beds are both top choices, with a range of fabric bedstead and headboard styles to choose from, a massage function to promote relaxation and a cordless handset. 

One of the most luxurious adjustable beds on the market is the Vispring Sapphire, which features a custom mattress that has been made by hand using natural materials to ensure maximum comfort. If you’re looking for a more affordable or short-term option, the Dreamatic rise up bed is a great choice. 

Q: What else should I consider when buying rise and recline furniture? 

A: The main considerations are size and comfort. We offer lift and rise chair sizes from petite to large which vary in seat height and width, with weight bearing loads of up to 25 stone. Our adjustable beds also come in a range of sizes from single to super-king.

At Aldiss, you can choose from waterfall and scalloped chair backs, wooden handles, and a huge selection of fabric and leather coverings, including pet-friendly material. Some of our tilt and lift chairs are also available with matching sofas that have a powered or manual recline feature. 

Our adjustable beds come with a range of headboards and bedstead styles, with a variety of mattresses to suit different needs.   

Q: Is it important to try before you buy?  

A: Absolutely. If you’re considering buying a lift and tilt chair or adjustable bed, I would advise you to come into our stores in Norwich or Fakenham to see the huge selection of styles and sizes we have on offer and try them out for yourself. 

Contact the Norwich store on 01603 272100 or Fakenham on 01328 862381 to find out more. Alternatively, go to to browse their selection of mobility furniture.

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