We Solve All: How iPhone repair specialists can fix your pesky phone problems

Repairing iPhone with tweezers at We Solve All, Norwich

We Solve All provide a full range of repair services to iPhones of all variants, as well as a number of other electrical products. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

There’s nothing more frustrating than dropping your iPhone and seeing the cracked screen as you pick it up. 

Fortunately, there are specialists close at hand that can repair your electronic device, quickly and with ease. We Solve All, iPhone repair specialists in Norwich, provide iPhone screen replacement, MacBook repairs and a host of other services. 

We catch up with Paul Browne, owner of We Solve All, who reveals why it’s worth seeking a professional touch to keep your mobile in tip-top condition. 

Q: When do I need to take my iPhone in for repair?  

Repair specialist working on a laptop at We Solve All, Norfolk

iPhone repair specialists have access to proper tools and high-quality replacement parts, enabling them to make internal and external repairs. - Credit: We Solve All

A: The most common sign that your phone need repairing is exterior damage, whether it’s a cracked screen or has faulty touch screen functionality. You should also watch out for strange lines appearing on the screen, after you’ve dropped it.  

Damage to the phone isn’t always apparent from the outside, we often find that problems are caused internally. If you’re having trouble hearing someone on a phone call or vice versa, the best way to fix this is by coming to a specialist so we can solve the issue.  

Q: What can iPhone repair specialists provide that can’t be found elsewhere? 

A: Expertise, particularly with iPhones, is the biggest factor that sets repair specialists apart. We can run diagnostic tests to determine the exact problem, identify any water damage to internal components and easily replace any part of the phone.  

On average, it takes us only 30 minutes to complete LCD screen replacement and other general phone screen repairs. We offer effective and affordable services to ensure you can get your phone back up and running in no time.  

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Q: Why should I visit a repair specialist instead of trying to fix the phone myself? 

Internal diagnostic test on iPhone at We Solve All, Norwich

Internal damage can be difficult to identify, which is why specialists like We Solve All run diagnostics to figure out the issue. - Credit: We Solve All

A: There are a huge number of issues that can arise from someone attempting their own phone repairs. Not having the correct tools and knowledge can damage the phone even more, especially if the problem lies internally. You can also invalidate the warranty on your iPhone by tampering with it yourself, which is why it’s best left to an expert. 

These repairs also require high-quality parts to replace the faulty ones, and specialists have far greater access to these than members of the public. Inserting second rate components can often cause more damage to your mobile in the long run. 

Q: What are the best ways to prevent my phone screen from breaking?   

A: The best way to save your phone, is by protecting it. Some simple tricks can help save you time money and stress:  

  • Use a bumper phone case 
  • Covering your phone with a tempered glass screen protector 
  • Fix a Pop Socket on the back of the phone 
  • Place your phone a car holder for long journeys  

These little tricks may prevent you from needing to shell out for a phone replacement. However, if worse comes to worst and you have an accident, then don’t stress. Our staff members are more than capable of repairing any iPhone model, from the latest iPhone 12 to the older iPhone 5 or 4 series.  

We Solve All carry out iPhone repair in Norwich and across Norfolk, whether in-store or via their call out service. 

To find out more about how they can fix your mobile, visit wesolveall.com or call 01603 905905. 

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