Stunning aerial photos show north Norfolk's autumnal beauty

Holt Country Park Brad Damms Minors and Brady Autumn Pictures

Photographs taken with a drone by property photographer Brad Damms captured Holt Country Park offering an amazing autumnal display - Credit: Brad Damms

Holt's country roads seem to be working hard to become known as the most picturesque in the county.

This series of aerial photos taken by drone capture the beauty of Holt's wooded landscape, with autumnal colours on full display.

Hot Country Park Autumn Pictures

Holt Road lined with trees during autumn, taking with a drone - Credit: Brad Damms

The photos were taken on Tuesday by Brad Damms, a property photographer for local estate agent Minors & Brady, as he passed Holt Country Park on the B1149 Holt Road.

Holt Country Park aerial photos autumn

An array of colours on display, from deep greens to burnt orange, taking via drone in autumn 2021 - Credit: Brad Damms

Mr Damms, 37, who lives in Holt, said: "I drive past the Holt Country Park most days. The trees looked amazing from the ground so I wondered what the park would look like from the air.

Holt Country Park autumn leaves

Aerial pictures of Holt Country Park, showcasing the changing colours of leaves during autumn - Credit: Brad Damms

"I popped my drone up and it just looked awesome with so many different colours on display."

Holt Country Park is set in 100 acres of mixed woodland and is open all year round to the public.

As you can see, the woodland flourishes with colour during the autumn months.

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