Welcome to Norwich in 2035! No bike paths, bus lanes or roads...

This is Norwich in 2035, as imagined in 1935. The illustration is taken from The Norwich Annual, 193

This is Norwich in 2035, as imagined in 1935. The illustration is taken from The Norwich Annual, 1935. Image: Norfolk Record Office - Credit: Archant

Welcome to Norwich city centre, as one man envisaged it looking in 2035...

The one-way systems, bus lanes and cycle paths are gone and replaced by open spaces and boulevards, leading to a giant tower in the city centre which is home to everyone's planes.

This may look like some kind of bizarre space scene, but, in fact it is one man's vision of what Norwich may look like in the year 2035 - drawn in 1935. Norfolk Record Office dug into its archives and shared the map on Facebook to celebrate Back to the Future on Wednesday.

Now, with this year just twenty years away, it would take redevelopments of epic proportions for the city to bring the artist's vision to life - although Norwich Cathedral and some of the churches have survived.

The picture is entitled 'Norwich AD 2035 (A Prophetic Fantasy)', and was dreamt up by Walter Waltling, who was art master at the City of Norwich School.

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The most striking feature of the vision is the enormous rocket-ship-like structure, labelled by Mr Watling as the 'aviation tower'.

While Carrow Road, which opened that very year, does not feature, there is a large, oval shaped stadium named the Civic Stadium, with an adjacent outdoor amphitheatre.

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His vision for City Hall, which would open three years later, however, does bear some similarities; the clock tower is in place, while the location is also matches up.

The image is taken from the Norwich Annual, 1935.

The text accompanying the image describes the author taking a drug and finding himself 100 years in the future, where he is guided around Norwich by a 'bright youth'.

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