The time has come, the walrus said, to work out how my tusk found its way to Sedgeford, in Norfolk

That was the latest condundrum thrown up by the long-running Sedgeford dig, when archaeologists unearthed a small ivory weaver's tool.

On Sunday, the artefact and other finds will go on show, when the Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project, or SHARP for short, stages its annual open day.

Excavations have been taking place for the first time on a D-shaped enclosure revealed by geophysical surveys of the hill-side site.

Trench supervisor James Westoby said: 'This year we've been allowed to dig further into the crop than before, it means we've been able to dig into the enclosure.

'With the geophys we've noticed there's a gap half way along it so we've tried to hit that.'

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Signs of a building - possibly a Saxon workshop - have been found just outside the enclosure.

Pin beaters - a weaver's tool for pushing the threads together - bone combs and spindle whorls have been unearthed.

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Mr Westoby said one of the beaters was bone while the other was fashioned from ivory.

'It's really interesting, we think it's walrus from Scandinavia,' he said.

Nearby, the excitement was written over retired solicitor Robert Warnes's face as he showed the tiny yarn ball - possibly a button - he'd just found.

'It's my third time here and the first time I've found anything,' said Mr Warnes, 58, from Newmarket. 'I enjoy the archaeology, I enjoy the community.'

Open day organiser Pauline Fogarty said there would also be tours, talks, and children's activities on offer on Sunday.

'We've got a training trench up the top so children can have a go,' she said.

Admission to the site is free, with a �2 charge for parking on a nearby field. The event runs from 10am - 4pm and the site is signposted from the nearby village.

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