Photographic exhibition reveals bigger picture of First World War in Thetford

Robert Kybird, left, and David Osborne at the Thetford Remembers photo exhibition.

Robert Kybird, left, and David Osborne at the Thetford Remembers photo exhibition. - Credit: Archant

A photographic exhibition has built a bigger picture of the First World War after people loaned their memorabilia and pictures in aid of a remembrance project.

The Thetford Remembers project has collated more than 60 images and artefacts that are now on show at the Jack Pilling Gallery, upstairs at the town's Guildhall.

Around 30 of the items have been loaned by people in Thetford after an appeal was made for First World War images and memorabilia.

Photographs were loaned to the exhibition, before being scanned or photographed and given back. Studio 5 printed the images and mounted them.

Robert Kybird, who curated the exhibition with historian David Osborne, said the pictures revealed the impact of the conflict on individuals and their families.

'It personalises the local connections with the First World War and shows how so many families were involved, and each with their own story.

'The artefacts are important because people who were involved didn't always talk about what they had been through, so relatives tend to keep hold of them because it's all they have of their service during the war,' he said.

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Among the images in the exhibition are Charles B Clarke of Barnham, who was wounded in action and moved to Canada where he was granted a piece of land as a returned wounded soldier. His picture was supplied by Sue Clark of Thetford.

There are also images of Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, supplied by Mr Kybird, which show her in her nurses uniform as she worked at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, which was used as a temporary hospital.

The exhibition will be at the gallery until July 2.

It will be shown again at Thetford Methodist Church in the first week of the Thetford Festival, which begins on August 20.

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