Photo gallery: Former Norfolk RAF control tower which played part in Hitler’s downfall is being transformed by couple

It looks in places as if a bomb has hit it… or has gone off pretty darned close by.

To passing motorists, the former RAF station control tower standing sentry close to the Fakenham to Wells road at the place they call Bunker's Hill must seem a curious, rather forlorn sight.

Exposed brickwork peers out from the crumbling concrete rendering that constituted its outer flesh.

Corroded and weathered railings surround the balcony from where airmen once gazed out across yawning runways, awaiting the return of crews of Stirling and Halifax aircraft from their second world war special missions to confuse Nazi Germany's Luftwaffe…

And, with the removal of cedar shingles from a more modern age, the building even has a bizarre, mock-Tudor look about it these days.

Step inside the tower and you discover wallpaper partly torn off walls, half-finished floors, paint jobs waiting to be done and piles of clutter to be sorted.

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