Norfolk sports coach to rub shoulders with Olympic athletes

A Norfolk sports coach will be rubbing shoulders with the best athletes from around the world this week.

Gina Atherton, 23, from Hainford, just north of Norwich, will be one of the athlete marshals at Friday's opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

She will also be performing in the opening ceremony.

The self-employed sports coach, who is also a school sport co-ordinator, said: 'I just love the Olympics so wanted to be involved and this seemed like an amazing thing to be a part of.

'I am extremely excited about next week, still doesn't seem real though that I will be performing in front of billions of people worldwide including the Queen and will be rubbing shoulders with Olympic athletes.

'The buzz around rehearsals at the moment is huge, after rehearsing together since the end of May for it to be less than a week away seems unreal.

'The rehearsals now are long and tiring but the friendliness and enthusiasm of the other volunteers and organisers make them something I look forward to and will definitely miss it after the summer.'