Celebrate your favourite trinkets and treasures for National Old Stuff Day

Playing on a Nintendo Game Boy in the car in 1992

Long car journeys were made more bearable with the Ninetendo Game Boy on hand. Dated: 1992. - Credit: Archant Library

Dust off your photo albums. Clamber into the attic. Brave the back of the cupboard.

It's March 2 and it's time to bring out those items you still hold dear to cherish and celebrate them for National Old Stuff Day.

Sunbeam tricycles and pavement cycles, built to the same exciting standards as Raleigh's adult cycle

Two children sit proudly on their Sunbeam tricycle and push bike. Can you remember tearing up and down your local streets in the 1960s? Dated: April 3, 1963 - Credit: Archant Library

Norfolk and Norwich hospital radio in 1975

Do you still listen to vinyl records like these about to be played at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital radio? Date: December 23, 1975. - Credit: Archant Library

No, seriously. 

According to the National Day Calendar website, National Old Stuff Day is a time to recognise the history in our lives and the objects that capture it - but also an opportunity to abandon old routines and try something new.

Susan Ellwood tries the Cellsafe cellular phone

Susan Ellwood, retail manager of Thorpe Road AA Shop, tries the Cellsafe cellular phone. Date: 1992 - Credit: Archant Library

The My Lover Computer Friend

The "My Lover" Computer Friend showed that toys are not simply made for kids, the kids at heart can also have fun with them. Dated: 1998. - Credit: Archant Library

Suggestions for how to celebrate National Old Stuff Day include: 

  • find a new use for an old item
  • upcycle a cherished object from years ago to breathe new life into it
  • take a moment to reflect on the 'same old, same old' mentality and contemplate how established habits or viewpoints could do with a refresh 
Cuddly toy monkey at a toy shop in Stalham

Do you still have any of your cuddly toys from childhood like this monkey at a toy shop in Stalham? Dated: December 4, 1975. - Credit: Archant Library

While it may not warrant closing the banks or taking a day off work, there is something comforting about revisiting the memories that manifest in our old belongings.  

Enjoy these photos of vintage objects from our archive and have a happy National Old Stuff Day. 

1920s washing machine

An old fashioned washing machine in use. Dated: 1920s. - Credit: Archant Library

Teddy bear picnic at Bowthorpe Pavillion

Jade, Amy and Zhang take their teddy bears to the picnic at Bowthorpe Pavillion. Dated: July 16, 1992. - Credit: Archant Library

Edward Murray-Harvey and his 71 year old typewriter in 1963

Edward Murray-Harvey and his 71 year old typewriter. Dated: November 16, 1963. - Credit: Archant Library

Children playing Donkey Kong on a Nintendo Super Game Boy through their Nintendo NES

The Nintendo Super Game Boy allowed people to play their favourite Gameboy games like Donkey Kong on the television screen through a Super NES system. Dated: 1994. - Credit: Archant Library

Old telephone from 1963

Remember when phones had dials and not screens? Dated: 1963 - Credit: Archant Library

An IBM personal computer in a Norwich office

An IBM personal computer in a Norwich office. Dated: January 13, 1989. - Credit: Archant Library

Television from 1963

Remember when you had to get up from your chair to adjust the volume or change the channel? Dated: February 1963. - Credit: Archant Library

Pedal cars at the Norfolk Showground

Early pedal cars for auction at the Norfolk Showground. Dated: 1992. - Credit: Archant Library