Five new sweet local treats to try this autumn

Marzipan pumpkins by Boxed By Clare. Photo: Clare Hunt

Marzipan pumpkins by Boxed By Clare. Photo: Clare Hunt - Credit: Archant

These are some of the new and seasonal goodies on offer from local food stores.

Halloween is on its way and Halloween means sweets galore. If you just can't wait until October to sink your teeth into something sweet then take a look at these seasonal sweeties on sale in Norfolk now.

1. Maple and pecan soft serve from Figbar, Norwich

Norwich dessert hotspot Figbar is insisting ice cream is just as good in the autumn as it is in summer. That's why they're currently offering a distinctly seasonal soft serve flavoured with smoked maple sauce and chopped pecans.

2. Apple Fritters from Eric's Fish and Chips, Thornham

These fried apple goodies aren't brand spanking new but they are newly back on the menu for autumn. If you're not a fish fan then why not try some seasonal apple fritters and chips?

3. Cinnapple crepes from Christophe's Crepes, Norwich

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Cinnamon is arguably THE autumnal spice and these cinnapple crepes from Christophe's Crepes are fully embracing that. Maybe they'll bring out some pumpkin pancakes next…

4. Marzipan pumpkins from Boxed By Clare, Watton

These adorable marzipan sweets scream autumnal indulgence. They're made by Watton based marzipan crafter Clare Hunt and you can pick them up from her etsy store for £4.95 a box.

5. Chocorons from Macarons and More, Norwich

Macarons and More announced their new product the 'chocoron' this month. It sounds like a perfect new treat for those who's primary thought while eating a macaron is 'needs more chocolate'.

Will you be trying any of these treats? Let us know in the comments.

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