Join thousands of people in Norfolk composting at home 

lady with her compost bin in the garden

Bee Springwood with her compost bin - Credit: Norfolk County Council

The last 12 months has seen a huge surge of interest in gardening and home composting and in Norfolk, sales of compost bins hit their highest levels for over ten years.  

“Composting gives me a feeling of satisfaction,” says Anne Wiltshire, a Norfolk Master Composter volunteer. “Every time I add more organic matter into the compost bin, I notice how quickly the level has shrunk down. The smell and feel of freshly made compost is wonderful and I get free, quality compost and I know exactly what ingredients have gone into making it!”  

Jamie Garcka, first-time home composter, has also developed a strong passion for composting, as he adds: “My favourite bit is knowing that I'm helping to give back to the earth. That and getting a lot of joy from knowing there’s a whole eco system going on in there - the worms!” 

It’s easy to get started, as Norfolk County Council has teamed up with Get Composting to offer a range of cut-price compost bins starting from just £10 for a 220-litre black bin. You can also buy one and get another the same size at half price. For details of special offers and a step-by-step composting guide, including tips on what you can put in your bin visit 

You can ask Norfolk County Council’s expert Master Composters volunteers for help, or invite them to give a local talk or to run an event. You can also attend one of our free webinars. Just email 

Here’s a great bit of advice from Master Composter, Bee Springwood: “You don’t need a big garden to make compost. Just place your compost bin on bare soil or slabs, put in a good mix of wet materials like veg peelings and dry materials like twigs and cardboard. Then let nature recycle your waste into wonderful compost.” 

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