Future Voices: A round-up of 2016 in culture

Norfok band Let's Eat Grandma. Picture: Paul John Bayfield

Norfok band Let's Eat Grandma. Picture: Paul John Bayfield

Hosting a plethora of premature deaths that sent shockwaves throughout the world and entertainment industry alike, 2016 was less than favourable for some.

Now that we've had time to accept the loss of some of the world's most artistically gifted humans, we can move on via the art of appreciation.

David Bowie was arguably the biggest loss of 2016, with his death still touching a raw nerve a year on.

Whilst his life was cut short, he did leave us with an ending note: Blackstar. Never failing to impress, Bowie's last album boasted eerie hits such as Lazarus, leaving us with an unchanging view of his excellence.

2016 was also a year of arguably brilliant films, with sequels such as 10 Cloverfield Lane and Rogue One impressing fans of each respective film franchise.

Other fan favourites included the ever nostalgic Finding Dory (which seemed to have a lot more 18-year-olds in the audience than it did minors) and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

2016 did not fail to impress in this sector, with the consistent run of long-awaited films keeping the public distracted from the slightly more depressing aspects of the year (see Brexit, or Trump's election, or the death of Prince).

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I think that, for the sake of personal preference and to pay homage to Norfolk talent, the album of the year has to go to home-grown duo Let's Eat Grandma.

Jenny and Rosa managed to compile an album of stories, if anything – consisting of deep synth, perfect vocals and sheer, true imagination. I, Gemini is my album of the year, offering artistic light for everything/everyone we lost in 2016.

I'm expecting a significantly less tumultuous 2017, which will hopefully be both positive and giving, with fewer deaths and more political triumphs!