From our archives: Can you spot yourself amongst the Christmas Nativity scenes from the 1960s and 1970s?

Burleigh House - Kings Lynn nativity pic taken 16th dec 1977 m51825-0a

Burleigh House - Kings Lynn nativity pic taken 16th dec 1977 m51825-0a

Archant librarian ROSEMARY DIXON has been delving in our archives for some of the pictures recalling that much-loved moment in the school year – the Nativity Play.

Home-made biblical costumes, an appealing look of bewilderment and sometimes boredom on (mainly) young faces – it must be the annual Nativity Play, a staple of the run-up to Christmas for generations. Naturally, our EDP photographers have faithfully chronicled the ever-changing array of tinsel, wonky crowns and familiar beasts which provide background atmosphere to the central storyline.

In the first of two special From Our Archives, I've been immersing myself in nativity pictures from the 1960s and 1970s.

1) Our earliest picture dates from 1961 when the children of Great Yarmouth put on a nativity play with a cast of colourful characters, including a model of a donkey.

2) The children of Mulbarton form a bright tableau as they pose for our camera in 1965.

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3) There was standing room only for Banningham School's nativity play at St Botolph's church in 1966. Mary was played by Helen Seaman, Joseph by James Keeler.

4) In the same year, the Geldeston Nativity Tableau was revived for the first time after the war. Written by Mrs JW Crowfoot of The Old House, the final performances up to wartime featured Dr Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin – the acclaimed scientist – as the Angel Gabriel. Dr Hodgkin had also created the backcloth seen in the background.

5) A real donkey stole the show at Boughton School's nativity play in 1967.

6) Beetley schoolchildren rehearse their Christmas play in 1974.

7) A performance of Ashleigh First School's nativity play features a large audience of children, some of whom are more interested in our photographer than in the action on stage.

8) Three young performers at Burleigh House School, King's Lynn, capture the solemnity of the occasion in our photo from 1977.

9) An array of young faces comprise performers and audience at Hainford First School's hour-long nativity play in the parish church in 1977.

10) The play group at Brooke dress up with suitable headgear for their nativity play in 1977.

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