Foodie Friday: World Book Day

Alyn Williams' Honey flapjack with frozen yoghurt

Alyn Williams' Honey flapjack with frozen yoghurt - Credit: Archant

Yesterday marked the celebration of World Book Day, where authors and schools around the world worked together to promote the importance of reading - and home-made fancy dress.

Ah, World Book Day... The day where children discover what their favourite book is. The day that it's fair to ask the question, 'What came first, the book or the costume?'. The day that literatures greatest characters and our wildest imaginations come to life. The day that most parents' Google search history consists of the words 'costume ideas' and 'HELP!'

So with the costume calamaties behind us, the Great British Chefs have huddled together to create trio of literary-inspired recipes that will not only provide nostalgia for you parents, but also allow for quality time with your children.

Why not get the whole family involved to create these delicious treats together? With Adam Simmonds' Turkish delight, Alyn Williams' honey flapjacks and Eric Chavot's daube de boeuf, there will be smiles all round!

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