Foodie Friday: Low carb alternatives

Thai Beef Salad. Just one of the recipes from the Great British Chefs.

Thai Beef Salad. Just one of the recipes from the Great British Chefs. - Credit: Great British Chefs

Along with the midnight toast and the Times Square countdown, New Year's resolutions are annual traditions that mark the changing of the year. But for many who have resolved to lead a healthier life in 2014, these intentions are only doomed to failure without a proper strategy in place.

New Year's Eve is often seen as a time of rebirth - the chance to start anew. So after the holiday glut of heavy feasts and high calorie beverages, it's no surprise that we always vow to lose weight or eat healthier.

This week, the Great British Chefs have committed themselves to combatting our short lived promises, and instead re-assure you that maintaining your resolution really is possible.

Galton Blackiston's Marinated chicken strips with cucumber relish, Luke Tipping's Ham-stuffed mushrooms with orange and watercress salad, and Andrew MacKenzie's Thai beef salad are full of flavour, but low in carbohydrates, giving you the best possible combination of food that is not only delicious, but nutritious too.

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