Flood defence plan for Norfolk coast is money down the drain

Coastal erosion at Happisburgh, Norfolk. Picture: Ian Burt

Coastal erosion at Happisburgh, Norfolk. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

We are fighting a losing battle as the dumping or spraying of sand on our beaches is not really going to have any effect on coastal erosion.

I think over the years we have been repeatedly told that any form of revetment was a complete waste of money and hence removal of people and houses from Happisburgh for example, although rocks were subsequently dumped there.

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I know from my personal observation over the years, that after a storm and really high tide, as much as six to eight feet of sand can be ripped off the beaches overnight.

Look only at Hemsby for evidence.

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Mike Barber, Mundesley Road, North Walsham