Five simple Halloween party food ideas

The witching hour is almost upon us – from spider biscuits to mini-mummy hot dogs Stacia Briggs plans a frightfully good Halloween.

1) Make your own mini-mummy hot dogs by taking thin strips of puff pastry and wrapping round bite-size frankenfurter sausages or normal sausages and baking in the oven. Remember to give your hotdog 'mummy' a gap where you can add ketchup or mustard for 'eyes'.

2) Surprisingly realistic severed fingers can be made using cheese strings. Cut each string in half and use the flat side of a knife to add knuckle marks. Fingernails can be added by shaving a little bit of cheese from one end of the cheese string and then using ketchup to attach a slivered almond.

3) Use Halloween biscuit cutters to make bite-size sandwiches.

4) Using bread dough – your own or ready-made – form a series of strips and then use scissors to snip the ends into two pieces to create a bone shape. Glaze with beaten egg and then sprinkle with garlic powder or parmesan cheese and then serve with a 'bloody' spicy tomato dip.

5) Biscuits can easily be transformed into spiders by sandwiching them together with buttercream and adding shoestring liquorice to form the legs. Pipe on some eyes or stick Smarties on with icing.