Festival-goers get Out There to enjoy spectacular event

Out There Festival 2016. Pics by David Street

Out There Festival 2016. Pics by David Street - Credit: David Street

Thousands of people poured into Great Yarmouth to witness the spectacle of a massive festival of circus and street arts.

Performances provoked cheers, laughter and spontaneous applause as performers in the Out There Festival brought a party atmosphere into St George's Park, the town centre and seafront.

An estimated 50,000 people flocked to the event, which is organised by Seachange Arts and saw a huge variety of innovative performances light up the town.

Darren Cross, communications director of Seachange Arts, said: 'The festival went fantastically well – it is always brilliant to see people coming from far and wide to Great Yarmouth.

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'A real highlight for me was being able to officially reopen the Drill House with a stunning performance of Pickled Image's Coulrophobia – it really was a brilliant show.'

The venue has just undergone a £1 million renovation, and the performance was the first show to be held within its walls.

Mr Cross added: 'To see the Drill House back open after all that hard work was a very special moment.'

Several generations were represented in the visitors, many from out of the area including Rose Beeston from Worcester.

She said: 'We came especially. I am involved in outdoor arts where we come from so wanted to see what was going on here.'

For Gerald Edwards of Luton it was his second visit to Yarmouth in the space of six weeks.

He said: 'I was here on holiday with my wife and grandchildren at Caister when we saw a programme for the festival.

'It's stunning. The kids are running around trying to see everything. We will certainly be back.'

Sisters Caroline and Tracey Shaw, 31, of Downham Market, also came for the day.

Caroline, 27, said: 'We saw it online and planned to spend the day here. There is so much to see we haven't had time to eat.'

Revellers also had the chance to toast the event with a local brew – courtesy of the Lacons brewery, who made a beer especially for the festival.