Is there enough for young people to do here?

Danielle Liddell, 14, is from the Norwich Youth Advisory Board. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Danielle Liddell, 14, is from the Norwich Youth Advisory Board. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Is there anything for young people to do in Norfolk and Suffolk?

Late last year a consultation was held and the results showed that young people believe that a lack of activities and things to do is in the top 10 priorities in Norfolk and Suffolk.

But from my research there are many activities to do - for example Banham Zoo, Pleasurewood Hills, Marina Leisure Centre, Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, Africa Alive and Studio Scribble.

Despite all of these things to do, the prices can make it hard for some young people and their families to enjoy these activities - for example Pleasurewood Hills asks for £22 for 12 and over.

Delving deeper I found many free activities such as church groups, MAP, YAB, Redwings and some golf courses which offer promotions for young people to learn how to play.

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However there still aren't many youthful and inspiring things to do as there were when most parents were growing up.

It's great having all these fun things to do but a big problem is transport as, unless you live in a big town or city, it is hard to find a bus or train within a walking distance.

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Even though some parents/carers have cars, the petrol and work commitments affect the young person's ability to go to their desired activity.

In conclusion I believe that Norfolk and Suffolk have the activities but all the ones which are free aren't so well advertised. Transport is a big issue too.

Taking this all into account social media plays a big part in many young people's lives, parents/careers struggle to motivate their young person to explore anything new.

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