The elephant in the room shouldn’t be avoided when it comes to mental health

There has recently been a cut to mental health services which means fewer young people are able to be seen by experts as resources are much more limited.

The waiting list to see your local GP is getting longer but is it right people have to wait so long to see a doctor?

Education is high on the priorities which I feel can be acted upon to help. In some schools mental health is rarely taught or spoken about not because it’s bad but perhaps they have a lack of understanding of it. This is why it should be more aware of and spoken about in schools as this would help young people to understand and learn what may affect or cause someone to experience it and for young people to learn who they can contact for help & guidance.

Whilst mental health services can be improved with loads of resources or help, if no-one wants to talk or speak about it, who are we really targeting.

It’s understandable that young people might not want to talk about it especially with friends however the stigma surrounding mental health is causing young people not to want to talk about it or to get help for it.

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We need to break this cycle.

And that’s the reason why we need to talk about it not only in schools but to each other. Sometimes young people fear that they might say the wrong thing and that’s alright so long as there’s a mutual understanding that it wasn’t meant to harm.

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Once people are able to open up and talk about it , people will be able to communicate as if the elephant in the room isn’t something to avoid.

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