Did Theresa May forget she has been in power for the last six years?

Prime Minister Theresa May gives her keynote address on the fourth day of the Conservative party con

Prime Minister Theresa May gives her keynote address on the fourth day of the Conservative party conference at the ICC in Birmingham. Joe Giddens/PA Wire - Credit: PA

New prime minister Theresa May might have to adjust her Wikipedia page in case people discover that she has actually been in power for the last six years

Listening to her speak you might have been mistaken that she had only arrived in Westminster after June 24.

Her initial praise of David Cameron seemed genuine – until you read the rest of the speech.

Time and again she spoke about standing up for the workers and taking on tax dodgers and nasty bosses.

Commitment to Brexit and curbs on foreign workers appeased the right of the party. But it was peppered with a pitch to a working-class about opportunities and workers rights (not so enthusiastically applauded in the hall), and strident promises to take on vested interests.

You may also want to watch:

The latter was for the world outside the conference hall.

She may have wanted to distance herself from the Cameron legacy, but a decade of Cameronism has warned up the party, and the party faithful loved it.

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A sparkling Ruth Davidson – the Scottish Conservative leader – the new Boris and darling of the party set the mood.

Then Mrs May's arrival to the rolling stones.

The new prime minister is not as skilled an orator as her PR man predecessor.

But her relaxed and determined self-assurance ignited enthusiasm in a hard crowd to please.

Among her own, I think she pulled it off.

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