City’s top stars need a reason to believe in the future

Alex Pritchard's expression says it all, as Norwich City concede the first of three goals at Hudders

Alex Pritchard's expression says it all, as Norwich City concede the first of three goals at Huddersfield. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Can you answer this question? Why would the likes of Jonny Howson, Ivo Pinto and Alex Pritchard stay next season? Especially Pritchard, the creative output Norwich City have missed all season. It breaks my heart that Alex Neil didn't have faith in him. He is displaying exactly what we've been missing – an instant influence against Villa last weekend, his passing is fluent and pinpoint, always turning on the ball to heap pressure on our opposition.

Then again, you would expect this when you sign an £8m player from Tottenham, right? It begs the question, how on earth has Pritchard not been the main man for us in this inconsistent Norwich City side?

If I were him, honestly, I'd be looking to ply my trade elsewhere, especially having rejected promotion favourites Brighton in January. I pray that whoever comes in does everything to keep him at Carrow Road. I really think he's the type of player we should build the team around next season.

Long term, you'd like to believe that Pritchard has got everything it takes to be the magician's (Wes Hoolahan) replacement. James Maddison has also got the potential to fill in his special boots too. I'm certain that under a forward thinking head coach, Pritchard will be a huge asset to our great football club.

It's about time Cameron Jerome got more praise too, especially while our defence is leaking far too many goals. As it stands, he's the seventh leading scorer in the division with 14 goals. He'll exceed 20 this season, unless Nelson Oliviera cuts him out of the first team. It's widely debated that he's 'not good enough' for the Premier League. But one thing for sure is that he delivers in the Championship. Credit to Cam, in a time when City need leaders, he's stepped up the mark.

Off the pitch, of course, the club restructure needed to change. As Albert Einstein once said, 'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.'

I don't understand the logic and opinion of thinking that the restructure is a bad thing. It's worked at many top clubs, so bring it on. I welcome Stuart Webber with open arms – the guy clearly knows what it takes to get a team going, but, more importantly for me, has a very good eye for talent. For me, the belief is there that now we have our main man things will start to come right again.

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Rant o'clock - can supporters stop getting on Jacob Murphy's back? He is criticised often and unfairly for losing the ball, when his job is to try and make things happen. Arguably Jacob has to take the most risks on the pitch. Give the guy a break! As Michael Bailey's article a few weeks ago went on to say, why boo him, especially as he's one of our own? Alright, maybe my hope of giving him player of the season is too much, but picture City's side without him this season. Where would the creativity, inspiration and impact have come from? He's contributed a fair chunk of goals too. You keep your head up, Jacob.

By the way, I'd be repeating myself if I went too in depth about the Huddersfield result – so all I'm going to say is that it was an absolutely shambolic display, yet again.

I truly believe it's appropriate to start offering fans free tickets and coach travel for away games for the remainder of this season. A relatively small cost that the club should most definitely take in order to soften the consistent disappointment on the road.

Finally, while discipline could be seen as an issue in recent weeks, I'm actually very happy that at least some individuals are showing signs of fight and care. You can't get more honest than Alan Irvine and Russell Martin after Huddersfield. Clearly both acknowledge that this current set of players simply don't have the determination or bottle to progress.

Bring on the new season, accompanied by much-needed hope.

On The Ball, City!