The EDP says...Norfolk hospital’s cancer care vision could save thousands of lives

Matt Keeling, left, NNUH cancer manager, and Vivekanandan Kumar, consultant urological surgeon and c

Matt Keeling, left, NNUH cancer manager, and Vivekanandan Kumar, consultant urological surgeon and cancer clinical lead. Photo: Kieron Tovell - Credit: Kieron Tovell

It is the illness we all fear.

And sadly, as our population gets older, is only likely to become more common - and as a result put more lives at risk.

So the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital's (NNUH) intervention with a strategy to fight this evil disease comes is timely.

It will still take some time to bring to fruition - the hospital has set itself an ambitious challenge of providing an extra 50,000 appointments for those with suspected cancer by 2025.

But it needs to be bold - cancer is one of our biggest killers that puts thousands of lives at risk, so it needs a huge effort to stop it.

The hospital's plans sound strong - doctors already use cutting edge techniques such as robotic surgery and they are pledging to create one of the largest cancer centres in England.

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That should mean offering more treatments to more people - vital when the disease is such a killer.

The hospital deserves credit for looking forward and anticipating the important need for increased services.

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Now we have all got to hope that the NNUH can deliver on this ambitious plan, because we may all benefit if so.

Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the most devastating blows a person and his or her family can take.

Nothing can make that easier - but the knowledge that you or your loved one will get world-class care can provide at least a little bit of comforting reassurance.

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