7 places to get fresh waffles in East Anglia on International Waffle Day

Fresh homemade brussels waffle with berries. Photo: Natalia Van Doninck/Getty Images/iStockPhoto

Fresh homemade brussels waffle with berries. Photo: Natalia Van Doninck/Getty Images/iStockPhoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Check out our top spots in East Anglia to indulge in fresh waffles.

March 25 is International Waffle Day and while we may not need a special reason to tuck into a stack of fresh waffles, we always relish the opportunity to do so.

Why not mark the occasion by heading out to one of these great places and enjoy some sweet or savoury takes on the breakfast favourite?

The Waffle House, Norwich

Located on St Giles Street, this eatery specialises in all things waffles, with starter, main and dessert menus dedicated to them. Open from 10am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and Sundays from 10am to 9pm, visit here for delights such as the hot dutch apple waffle, bolognaise waffle (don't knock it until you've tried it), hummus and avocado waffles and the chocolate mousse waffle.

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Creams, Ipswich

The newest dessert bar in town, based in the Buttermarket (so handy for a pre or post-cinema sugar fix) this place not only sells regular waffles with a host of dreamy toppings, but is serving up on-trend bubble waffles too. Think of an edible version of bubblewrap. You can design your own topping combination or go for something totally over the top like the Sweet Shop - topped with blue and pink bubblegum gelatos, soft vanilla ice cream, bubblegum syrup, strawberry sauce, sprinkles, Smarties and a wafer!

Zaks, Norwich/Thetford/Poringland

Offering waffles to savour all by yourself, or ones you can share. Zaks' dessert menu includes sticky waffle pudding, made up of banoffee sponge, waffles, toffee sauce and white chocolate or 'waffle heaven' a stack of cinnamon waffles with a choice of sauces.

The Waffle Shack, Felixstowe

This small independent business in Suffolk offers a wide selection of sweet waffles and toppings, including butterscotch, banana and Nutella (Banella), strawberry and chocolate, crumbled biscuits and chopped up chocolate bars. They'll also be introducing savoury waffles to the menu soon, so look out for those.

The Belgian Monk, 7 Pottergate

Traditional Belgian Waffles from a traditional Belgian bar and restaurant. It doesn't really get any better than that. They tend to keep it simple here, with maple syrup and ice cream, berries or chocolate sauce, so if you like your waffles without too much fanfare, head here.

Arbuckles, Downham Market

Owned and operated by John and Maxine Murphy, parents of football stars Jacob and Josh Murphy, Arbuckles now has two restaurants, one in Downham Market and the other in Ely. Their dessert menu offers warm Belgian waffles served with cream or ice cream. Toppings include maple syrup, banana and chocolate and banana and toffee.

Kaspas Desserts, Ipswich

It's no joke that Kaspas is known as the king of desserts - think large plates of waffles, mountains of whipped cream, piles of fruit and extra lashings of sauce. Their extensive menu contains items such as the White Chocolate Indulgence Waffle, Waffle Crumble, The M&M and The Brownie Waffle. This is the place to go if you really want to pig out.