Asato: Chloe isn’t nice!

The new Labour candidate for Norwich North has not wasted any time going on the offensive. In an interview with Total Politics magasine Jessica Asato gives it to Tory rival Chloe Smith with both barrels.

'Chloe Smith is perfectly able to demonstrate her own incompetence without me having to point it out,' she pointed out.

'What I'm going to be focussing on is proving that she is not some nice MP, but actually is a fully paid up member of this government and she supports every decision the government makes.

'She can't go around Norwich pubs tasting their ale, it is her fault the tax on beer has gone up. It is putting people out of jobs.

'She can't hide right behind her nice exterior when the fact is that everything that this government is doing is partly down to her.'

This fight is going to be the one to watch.