‘And the award for dumbest local government decision of the week...’

Gorleston parkrun

Gorleston parkrun - Credit: Archant

And the award for dumbest local government decision of the week goes to... Stoke Gifford parish council.

The elected members voted to charge a local, free parkrun to use its open space.

Usually, the runs attract around 300 people, but the council want to charge them because they claim they are causing damage to the park's paths, and need £60,000 to repair them.

Balderdash is the word that springs to mind.

This in a country where government is pushing us all to exercise and become healthy – saves them shedloads of money in health care for starters. Parkrun has become a national institution: it's free, easy, family-oriented, good for you and zero problem.

They are doing the government's job for them.

The levy is bad enough, but now the parkrun – based near Bristol – has had to scrap today's scheduled event, a 5km run, because so many people have come out to support them against the council – and they all want to turn up and run with them.

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Naturally, Stoke Gifford PC have come under fire from all corners – presumably they'd run for cover save for the fact they might have to charge themselves for the privilege.