A look back at our archive: Norwich City v Swansea City over the years

Here is a look back at our archive of Norwich City v Swansea City games ahead of their match Saturday 8 December at 3pm

City played Swansea at the Nest in Rosary Road in May 1935, the Canaries' final League game before moving to Carrow Road. It was a 2-2 draw. Jack Vinall scored a hat-trick against Swansea in the same year. City's home record against Swansea is generally good, though they have failed to make much impact away from home. Players for both clubs include Matthew Rush and Adrian Forbes.

Our first match, from Division One, dates from 3rd January 1983, when City won 1-0. Our second game is a Round 2 League Cup match played on 21st September 1994, with Norwich winning 3-0. Our third match, from the Championship, was played on the 21st of August 2010 and City won 2-0.