A look at Norwich City’s season through the big screen – but not the one at Carrow Road

The Carrow Road big screen has been a big talking point this season, however it is through the other

The Carrow Road big screen has been a big talking point this season, however it is through the other big screen that I'm looking back at this season. Photo: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

With just two games remaining of the season, soon it will be the time of year all die hard City fans dread – when they are left with a gaping two-hour hole in our weekends.

Stuart Webber has a clear plan for Norwich City this summer. Picture: Denise Bradley

Stuart Webber has a clear plan for Norwich City this summer. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2017

Norwich have already played their final Saturday 3pm home kick-off of the season, and this weekend's Elland Road date with Leeds is the last traditional start.

By the time I next write this column, the season will be over and we will all be left asking ourselves: 'what are we supposed to do between three and five on Saturday, now?'.

Seeing as generally the time it takes to watch a football match is the same time it takes to watch a film, one option could be to take in a movie in this time slot, be it at home, at the cinema, on your sofa, armchair or beanbag if that's how you choose to live your life.

Of course, this would not necessarily satisfy the part of you that craves Norwich City, and all the emotions that go with supporting the Canaries.

With that in mind, I thought I'd suggest a few film that will make it feel like the season never came to an end at all...

• Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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This reference has been made so many times, it's almost become tired – however, it is also impossibly hard to ignore.

If ever there has been a Jekyll and Hyde team this season, sadly, it has been Norwich City.

Some games, we have been irresistible, others, not so much.

Avid City fan and stat wizard Roger Smith got in touch with me this week to let me know that just one goal is needed against QPR for a record-breaking home haul of goals in the second tier.

In the same season, were away form replicated at home, only relegated Rotherham would be lower in the table than us.

• Stranger Than Fiction

I'm not the biggest fan of the phrase 'you couldn't make it up'. Given the fantastical and outright bizarre things in fiction, I'm sure a few out-of-the-ordinary sporting stories could obviously have been made up.

However, this season has certainly presented us with more than just a few strange moments, coincidences and occurrences.

Look no further than last Friday's home win against Brighton. For the record, I still feel Alex Pritchard deserves to be credited with those goals.

The other Brighton game also springs to mind as being Stranger Than Fiction – a Chris Hughton team scoring five in one game is enough to boggle the mind of any City fan who had the displeasure of watching his turgid football at Carrow Road.

• Rubber

For those unfamiliar with this particular film, it is an indie-flick about a murderous tyre. It's a confusing concept to say the least.

Almost, in fact, as confusing as trying to explain how City can be so relentless one week, and so tepid the next.

• The Usual Suspects

As we approach the end of the season, one thing to address is the Player of the Season.

I don't think it's unfair to say that nobody has really been consistent, however, two names spring to mind for me – Wes Hoolahan and Jonny Howson.

It's far from the first time these two have been among City's top performers, and between them they have more than 500 appearances to their names.

Given also that Cameron Jerome is once again City's top scorer, it's possible we have become too reliant on certain individuals.

For me this is a sign the squad hasn't seen all that much improvement, if the same people are top performers season to season.

• Groundhog Day

It's hard to look past a film in which a person relives the same day over and over and over again.

Defensive frailties, travel sickness, flashes of brilliance followed by slumps of mediocrity. The same old story.

• Gone In 60 Seconds

This one is solely for one match in particular, and a pivotal one in City's season. Newcastle away.

The smash and grab nature of the Toon Army's late win clearly had a big psychological impact on City, which was evident to see in the mentality shown away from home in subsequent fixtures.

• Star Wars: A New Hope

In the interest of finishing on an optimistic note, since Stuart Webber has arrived on the scene, I'm starting to feel positive again.

On the pitch, City have recorded some decent wins and the players look to have their tails up again.

Off the pitch, Webber is making all the right sounds and looks to be addressing some of the club's past mistakes behind the scenes.

Alex Pritchard's form as of late is also promising – next season I would like the see the team built around him. If he is still around and carries on this form, he will be a big, big player next season.