For printmaker Haychley Webb, the best thing about working on one of her designs is that it gives her a chance to switch off for a few hours and get absorbed in something creative.

And keen to pass on that passion to others, this autumn she is holding a series of beginners' linocut printmaking workshops in Norwich city centre.

Eastern Daily Press: Haychley Webb is holding a number of linocut printing workshops in Norwich this autumnHaychley Webb is holding a number of linocut printing workshops in Norwich this autumn (Image: Stellabox Designs)

"When I’m sat at my desk carving out a design, I can lose myself for hours and it’s really helped my own anxiety," she says.

"I often put an audiobook or podcast on and everything else just falls away.

"I hear a lot of people talk about mindfulness and I find linocut printing to be one of the best ways of helping me personally to stay present.

"It’s such a physical medium that you really feel like you’ve achieved something when you pull a print.

"There’s the smell of the ink, the physical effort involved in printing by hand and the satisfaction of seeing something you’ve made in front of you.

"When I’m sat carving, I find it’s almost like meditation; my breathing slows right down and I feel really at peace."

Eastern Daily Press: Printmaker Haychley WebbePrintmaker Haychley Webbe (Image: Stellabox Designs)

Haychley has been making linocut prints, a method of printing by hand, for the last five years.

"I'm a self-taught printmaker and I think it's really important to pay it forward and teach others. As well as the workshops, I have printmaking guides on my website and lots of process videos on my Instagram, @stellaboxdesigns."

As Haychley says, part of linocut printing's appeal is that there is no end to what you can print.

"A lot of my prints feature the sculptures and natural world in Norwich and Norfolk, but you really can print anything you can design," she says.

"If you can think it, you can print it. You can create a print of a beloved family pet or the view from your kitchen window."

Eastern Daily Press: One of Haychley Webb's linocut prints in progressOne of Haychley Webb's linocut prints in progress (Image: Stellabox Designs)

You don't need lots of expensive equipment to get started either.

"My trusty wooden spoon that I’ve used for years to make prints comes from my baking cupboard at home," she laughs.

And she says that she gets a great deal of joy from seeing people creating their first print.

"I know from experience that it can be a huge step for someone to even book onto a class to learn something new so I try to create a lovely relaxed atmosphere in my workshops.

"I still get that proud feeling when I create a new print and it’s brilliant to be able to witness it too."

Eastern Daily Press: Haychley Webb's St Ethelberts Gate Norwich linocut blockHaychley Webb's St Ethelberts Gate Norwich linocut block (Image: Stellabox Designs)

Haychley's workshops are held at Studio 20 in Wensum Street, Norwich. The autumn dates are September 10 and 17, October 4, October 20, which is a Halloween special, November 23 and 24, which is a Christmas card special.

All workshops run from 6-9.30pm.

To see more of Haychley's work visit and to book a workshop place go to

You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook at stellaboxdesigns