10 reasons for a different damp control system

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epu bhg frank schrijver - Credit: Richard Chambury/richfoto.com

SPONSORED Have you heard about the unique – and fuss-free – way to end damp problems in your home? The team behind the Schrijver System tell us the top 10 reasons why it could be perfect for you.

epu bhg frank schrijver

epu bhg frank schrijver - Credit: Archant

1 Innovative alternative to traditional damp proofing

The Schrijver System is totally different to other traditional damp proofing methods. Instead of creating a barrier or blocking moisture from appearing inside, the system removes the excess moisture content from the walls in which it is installed. We do this by installing a series of small, discreet handmade elements into the external face of the wall. Moisture is drawn out of the wall into these elements and then channelled into the outside air.

2 Nearly four decades of experience in the damp industry

epu bhg frank schrijver

epu bhg frank schrijver - Credit: Archant

Dutch Inventor, Henk Schrijver, designed the Schrijver System in 1972 in Holland where they know a thing or two about damp. Henk was inspired when he was renovating his family's listed farmhouse between two rivers and below sea level. Extreme damp blighted the building's thick original brick walls and newer brick walls. Henk Schrijver's previous experience with moisture and air flow building chimneys and fireplaces led to his solution; the Schrijver Damp Control System. Word spread, he launched his company, and more than 30,000 properties throughout Europe now have the Schrijver Damp Control System.

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3 Natural product

The Schrijver System is a green and eco-friendly product. We don't use any chemicals or produce any fumes, and it's suitable for almost any property: insulated and non-insulated houses; brick and stone; solid and cavity walls; new builds and existing houses, even buildings of special significance such as monuments, castles, churches and lighthouses.

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T epu bhg frank schrijver6 - Credit: Richard Chambury/richfoto.com

4 External installation guarantees no mess and fuss

The system is installed in the external walls of the property from the outside. There is no work done inside in the property. So no extensive replastering and/or redecoration.

5No disruption to your everyday living

You can carry on with your everyday life as if no work is being undertaken at your property.

6Simple and effective

The principle behind the Schrijver System is simple: air from outside flows through small handmade elements fixed into the outside wall. The flowing cold air causes a drop in temperature inside the element. This creates a cold bridge which attracts moisture from the wall. The moisture is deposited at the back of the element and taken out by the air flowing through the element. In this way the system deals with problems caused by rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation.

7 Long term solution

The Schrijver System is a long term solution. Its working is based on the natural airflow only, so it will not break down, expire or stop working.

8 Life time guarantee

Because the system works continuously throughout the entire life of the property, we offer a lifetime guarantee on the product.

9 Independently tested and approved

The Schrijver System was tested by TNO, The Technical University in Delfte, The Netherlands, before it was given its European Patent. The TNO is a member of ENBRI (The European Network of Building Research Institutes) the body that covers all technical aspects of building materials, components, systems and services across the European Union.

Frank Schrijver UK Ltd is a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and Check a Trade.

Proven track record

The Schrijver System is a market leader in damp control. Since Frank Schrijver UK Ltd was established in England in 1997 we have received countless letters of thanks for the effectiveness of our product and our superb customer service.

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