Latitude Festival 2017: Seann Walsh review

Sean Walsh at the Comedy arena. Latitude 2017 - Paul John Bayfield

Sean Walsh at the Comedy arena. Latitude 2017 - Paul John Bayfield - Credit: PAUL JOHN BAYFIELD

Having previously won the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year and selling out the Edinburgh Festival for the month of August, Seann Walsh managed to draw a crowd, with the Comedy Stage overflowing.

Personally, Seann Walsh stayed in my mind after seeing him perform on one of Russell Howard's Stand Up Central TV shows, it was a sketch about his juicing girlfriend and one he is still throwing out.

It was still amusing, despite having seen it before, and his cynical views on healthy eating seemed to play out perfectly to the latitude audience - a relief as it's a sizeable section of the set. He's a master of curmudgeon, and spent the first 20 minutes or so begrudging his 31 years and how he has undeniably reached adulthood, is jealous of children and suddenly has the ability to see crumbs, queue all men in the audience laughing in familiar hysteria.

He pulls some amusing faces, maintains a clear narrative and engages the audience with his observational anecodotes, only downside is strong swear words which would've been just as effective without, especially with children present.

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