Latitude Festival 2017: Police give out safety advice for the thousands of people expected to visit Henham Park over the weekend

Latitude Festival at Henham Park near Southwold,has become a popular fixture on the local cultural c

Latitude Festival at Henham Park near Southwold,has become a popular fixture on the local cultural calendar. Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

Safety advice has been issued by police officers to music-lovers preparing for this year's Latitude Festival.

The arts extravaganza is taking place at between Thursday 13 and Sunday 16 July at Henham Park near Southwold.

It is expected attract 40,000 people over the weekend and headline acts include The 1975, Fleet Foxes and Mumford and Sons.

Suffolk police has given out the following safety tips:

? Stick with your friends and look out for each other.

You may also want to watch:

? Moderate your alcohol consumption. Overdo it and you will be less aware and less likely to spot dangers. Have a glass of water between drinks and pace yourself.

? Be careful. Festivals give you the opportunity to meet new friends but going off alone with people who you have just met may lead you into situations you do not want to be in.

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? Remember no means no. Too much alcohol and the heat of the moment can lead to issues of consent. Do not take advantage of situations that are alcohol-fuelled or the consequences could be arrest, a court appearance and a prison term.

? There is safety in groups. Set up camp near friends, make friends with your neighbours and learn the layout of the site so you can find what you need – toilets/ stewards, etc, without getting lost. You can always ask staff for help with directions or anything else you may need.

? Do not bring large sums of cash, lots of credit/ debit cards, or lots of valuables with you. Only bring what you need and keep them on you, or in a locker, at all times. There are cash points on site so you can withdraw money as you need it.

? If you cannot take your valuables with you when you leave your tent leave them at home. A tent offers little, if any, security and can easily be entered even if the entrance is padlocked.

? Make use of the property storage tent on the festival site, open 24 hours, to store your valuables and possessions securely.

? Place any property that would be attractive to thieves (cash, credit cards, mobile phones, cameras, etc) inside a bag and tuck it into your sleeping bag when you go to sleep.

? Make a note of card numbers, and the number to call if they are stolen or mislaid, and postcode mark the property you bring to Latitude so that it is identifiable.

? If you arrive by car do not leave anything in your vehicle, including satellite navigation systems/ CDs, cash etc. Take everything with you or leave it at home.

? Be mindful of the activities of people around you when watching performances. Bags with shoulder straps should be worn across your chest, with the fastening towards your body. Rucksacks should be kept closed and not left unattended.

? Keep mobile phones secure. It is easy for a pickpocket to remove items such as these from a pocket or bag in a crowd without you noticing.

? Use the lockers provided in the festival village area.

If anyone spots any suspicious activity they should speak to festival security or stewards on site or, in an emergency and if a crime is being committed, call 999.

Follow @SuffolkPolice or visit for more safety advice and travel updates during the festival.

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