Latitude 2016: Whimsical, musical and brilliant - Bill Bailey gives a fantastic performance.

Bill Bailey brought huge crowds to th comedy tent at Latitude 2016 - Paul John Bayfield

Bill Bailey brought huge crowds to th comedy tent at Latitude 2016 - Paul John Bayfield

With his distinctive hair, or lack of in some places, and his appearances on panel shows Bill Bailey has become a familiar figure.

But what often isn't showcased on television is his remarkable musical ability.

From rewriting Happy Birthday in 1930s Berlin cabaret style to a journey through rock and roll in the medium of the cowbell.

Throughout the gig Bailey had the crowd eating from the palm of his hand, starting off with jokes about the EU Referendum and the current UK political world.

The former Never Mind the Buzzcocks star has a whimsical and surreal style at times, conjuring up images of a group of metal fans competing in the Boat Race at one point.

The start of the set was delayed due to the sheer numbers trying to cram into the comedy tent showing the pull Bailey has.

There was plenty of audience participation and Bailey conducting while the audience sand Handel's Water Music in the key of laughter was a joy to see.

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The musical numbers provided a focal point for the show but Bailey's wit came through in his jokes which have a whimsical and surreal quality at times.

With a family audience in attendance Bailey also showed you can go an entire set without swearing once.

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