Latitude 2016: Poetry Arena curator Luke Wright promises a full weekend of entertainment

Luke Wright

Luke Wright - Credit: Archant

Latitude is just as known for its arts stages as its musical headliners, and the poetry arena, curated by Norfolk poet Luke Wright, is one of the festival's staples.

This weekend, the arena has a timetable crammed with talent and Mr Wright said he hopes the tent will allow more revellers to stumble across their new favourite poet.

'I think we've got the most acts on any stage,' he said. 'And probably the biggest poetry lineup for any traditional music festival.

'Glastonbury has a decent lineup, but our tent is at least twice the size.

'Poetry is taken seriously here, it's given equal billing to the cabaret and theatre tents.

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'When people come into the poetry they are surprised. We introduce audiences to poetry.

'A lot of people come here because they want to see New Order or Bill Bailey, but they see the poetry tent and think it looks like a nice dark place to eat their falafel.'

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With around 60 poets performing over the weekend, Mr Wright, who has been involved with Latitude since the first festival, says the break-neck speed of the schedule works in its favour.

'We're pretty busy normally all day long, and if the poet on isn't your cup of tea, you've only got to wait 20 minutes for someone else to come on.

'Every year people have said they spent the whole weekend in the poetry tent and it's a great feeling to be able to give that to people, it's the nicest thing.

'And that's what makes me want to keep coming back.'

Luke Wright's top three picks for Latitude's poetry arena:

• Hollie Mcnish - Saturday, 5pm. the 'hot new thing' in poetry at the moment, he said.

• Attila The Stockbroker - Saturday, 10.20pm

• John Hegley - Sunday, 11.10pm

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