Latitude 2016: Mark Watson’s first show in front of his six-year-old son shows he is as popular as ever

Latitude Festival 2016 at Henham Park near Southwold, Suffolk.Picture: James Bass

Latitude Festival 2016 at Henham Park near Southwold, Suffolk.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

Although he marked himself as somewhat of a bygone, Mark Watson still managed to pack out Latitude's comedy tent, with many more sunning themselves outside and taking in the show from the big screens.

Performing for the first time in front of his six-year-old son, Watson said this added even more pressure to his show, in a bid to show young Kit that his dad's career choices were sound.

But it was little Kit who arguably stole the show at times, when he cheekily popped up at the edge of the stage to cheer his dad on.

Watson began the show in the crowd, which he said he found was good for breaking the ice at a gig like Latitude.

And once he had picked his path through to the stage Watson made much of the fact that he's been in the comedy game for more than 15 years now.

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He asked a 10-year-old in the audience if they remembered Woolworths and Right Said Fred's 1992 hit I'm Too Sexy, and was shocked to find they were born in 2005 and had no recollection of these.

But he added how he quite enjoyed new blood like Romesh Ranganathan coming into the spotlight, and told of one ironic anecdote where he was nearly hit by a bus which had Russell Howard's face on the side of it, which he said resembled his career.

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But in reality there were no sign of Watson's appeal fading, with his bracingly honest account of his own insecurities still producing laughs, especially in areas such as parenthood where the crowd could relate.

And although he said it was useful to top up his ego with gigs at festivals every now and again, it didn't seem as if he had anything to worry about, as what he coined the traditionally quiet Sunday lunchtime slot proved a draw for many.

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