Latitude 2016: Dark humour from Daniel Sloss brings laughter and gasps

Latitude Festival 2016 at Henham Park in Suffolk. Picture: James Bass

Latitude Festival 2016 at Henham Park in Suffolk. Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

It's Daniel Sloss' trademark dark humour which makes him popular with a young crowd, but families also laughed along to his set in the comedy tent this afternoon - which was riddled with risqué jokes and swearing.

Cutting it close to the line, some of Sloss' laughs came from disbelief at how far he would push the boundaries, while others simply stemmed from a good story with a punch line which snuck up on the audience.

Sloss made a joke of himself, laughing along at his own left-wing tendencies which he said fitted in with the liberal Latitude vibe - something many of the comedians at the festival have picked up on.

And the Fife-born comic also took swipes at topics such as abortion, homosexuality and politics.

A good chunk of his performance revolved around his time in America, where he gigged recently and appeared on Conan.

He said he told the same jokes designed for a British crowd in the USA, hoping the comedy would translate.

But it didn't, and 40 punters left mid-show following a joke about atheism and aversion to religion, while one who stayed said Sloss was lucky he wasn't shot.

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Sloss' style does seem to be more suited to the self-depreciation enjoyed by the British public, and that was shown at Latitude as laughter filled the tent - along with a few sharp intakes of breath.

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