Is Norwich the most haunted place in the UK?

Haunted Norwich. A ghost walk in the city featuring SCREAM (ALICE CHISNELL), THE GREY LADY (HELEN CU

Haunted Norwich. A ghost walk in the city featuring SCREAM (ALICE CHISNELL), THE GREY LADY (HELEN CUBITT) AND WITCH (ELLEN BROWNE). Photo: Keith Whitmore - Credit: Eastern Counties Newspapers

New research has found that people who live in the fine city are more likely to have a paranormal experience than those living elsewhere in the UK.

As Halloween draws closer, many may have ghosts and ghouls on the brain, but have you ever actually seen something that went bump in the night?

According to a survey, Norwich is home to those who are most likely to have come across a spook, with 49pc of people from the fine city revealing that they have had a paranormal experience.

Following on from Norwich, the second most haunted place in the UK was Bristol, where 42pc of people said they had seen a ghost, and Newcastle came in third with 40pc.

When asked about their eerie experience, one respondent said: 'I was sleeping in the top bedroom of my parents' home and I thought I saw someone run across the room and hide behind a chair in the corner. I called out to my sister, as we were inclined to play games on each other. After a short while no one had moved, so I called to her again. She did not answer and so I turned the light on and went to find her - she was not there.'

North Norfolk is also thought to have its fair share of hauntings, as another respondent revealed: 'We own an old 18th century house in North Norfolk. When we lived in it [my wife and I] had several encounters with what seemed to be a woman who was wearing an old shawl type garment who would just stand on the landing at the top of the stairs.

'As soon as you went upstairs the 'apparition' would disappear. We now rent the house out and have had two subsequent tenants who have seen it too. One also claimed to have seen it outside at night as well.'

The survey, commissioned by 247 blinds, also found that one in ten people in Norwich believe that spirits walk the earth on Halloween and that 44pc of residents enjoy trick-or-treaters coming to their door, while 20pc merely pretend they're out of the house.

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