How safe is your IT recycling partner?


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The NHS recently found out the answer and it cost them £200,000. Yes £200,000 for a free service.Read about it here, then ask yourself, could the same happen to your company?

Recently there has been an explosion in IT recycling companies, some good, some not so good but all offering free collection of your equipment. Ask yourself, what will happen to my equipment, where will it end up and in what state. The value of a PC in recovered raw materials is about £8.25 so doing the maths, for a company to make a living and offer a free service, they must sell on your old equipment for a higher price.

This is where the problem comes in that most reputable disk wiping techniques will charge a fee per use which erodes the recyclers margins and if they do not come from an IT security background, they may not safeguard your data as you expect.

MyTech Global partners with Recycle IT Europe Ltd for IT recycling, a company born out of the IT industry with it's workforce well aware of the care that must be taken to safeguard data storage devices. - Feel free to give us a call on 0845 51 91 681 and we can talk you through our secure approach to IT recycling. Alternatively, why not call in & see them at their stand in the Technology Zone at The B2B Exhibition 2013 on 17 October at Norwich City Football Club.

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